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When it comes to book cover designs, we’ve got you covered! Regardless of the type of book or readership, the cover is your most precious marketing tool. A professionally designed book cover can make the difference between blending and enhancing. Our experienced book cover designers use their in-depth knowledge of genre and industry to create book covers that grab your reader’s attention.

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We use typography, illustrations, and graphics to create creative and custom book covers. Our professional book cover designers can design, customize, adjust, and customize your book cover to meet your book needs. We highlight the issues and nature of your book, intending to create an interesting and desirable first encounter.

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In today’s extremely viable market, the packaging is the whole shebang. To attract customers, you need a creative book cover design. You need to make your book stand out on the store shelf. Even if you are a well-known author, your book needs custom book cover designs. The bad design puts off readers, but it also makes them doubt the credibility of your book. We provide you with the most professional book cover design services.

The book cover is not just a page with the title and photos of the book but also an intuitive representation of the book’s category that expresses the nature of the story and pictures of key people and important things. In addition to well-designed and custom book covers, it shows your professionalism and gives you an edge over your competitors. Writers Clique is a well-known company that offers creative book cover design.

Our goal is to provide your readers with the latest information about you and your book. We offer a professional book cover design. Our team of experts always understands the book cover design services our company offers. Basically, we selected the best-known book cover designers to provide high-quality professional book cover designs. Therefore, contact us today to get the best professional book cover design!

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Our Book Cover Design Process
Get A Creative Book Cover Design In Five Simple Steps

When you decide to work with our professional book cover design services, we call you to gather the necessary information, ideas, inspirations to begin your journey with us. Furthermore, we provide you with a brief questionnaire to discover some specific details regarding your project.

Once you get in touch with us and fill out the questionnaire, we will do our homework. We will work on finding your targeted audience, gather information, find relevant book covers related to your genre and share it to inspire you.

We will gather a shortlist of our professional cover designers who are expert in your genre, well-aware of the latest design trends, and understand how your book stands out and sell.

After learning about your ideas and assigning your project to the dedicated cover designer, our team of professional cover designers takes care of every detail, from the thumbnail of your book to artistic elements that flare emotions at first glance.

Once our designing team creates your custom book, the dedicated account manager will share at least three samples with you so you can choose which best fits your book.

the journey from grenada mock

Get Custom Book Covers That Sets Your Book’s Tone

It is often said that a book is not judged by its cover, but most people do so regularly. Their purchase decision may depend on the book’s cover and appeal depending on their taste and the comics. That’s why it’s important to provide the right cover for the right audience. Our book cover design service covers a wide variety of books, including business books, children’s books, novels, fiction books, poetry books, educational and inspirational books.

Writers Clique has a wide range of creative artists who can easily handle a variety of book designs, including back cover, cover, back cover, book format, and interior design.

Our main concern is customer satisfaction. That’s why we consult with you and design the cover according to your needs and requirements. First, we will provide samples so that we can accept the final project documents. If you encounter an issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager, and the Writers Clique’s team will resolve the issue and provide an excellent, custom book cover service.

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We provide our clients with outstanding ghostwriting services. Let our experienced ghostwriters write your story. They guarantee an exceptional copy with their creativity and make sure that the quality will never be compromised.



Privacy is an important factor when it comes to ghostwriting services. We take firm actions to ensure the security of your data and information. In addition, we build trust and effective communication with our esteemed customers to offer professional writing services.



There are no hidden charges or royalties on our ghostwriting service. Instead, we offer our customers flexible payment methods and affordable ghostwriting services.


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We understand the importance of your time and money. Our ghostwriters receive feedback and critiques, are consistent with you, and bring accurately what you want. We will be with you and make any necessary changes until you are satisfied.


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Our ghostwriting services are the best writing services with the greatest storytellers and professional experts in the writing industry. And our book writers are inherently incomparable when it comes to storytelling.


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We will designate a dedicated account manager to handle the project when you decide to work with us. However, if you need assistance outside of business hours, our friendly customer representatives can help.

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Anthony Reardon

Working with writersclique is a great experience. With their exceptional book writing services, they have proven themselves to be professional, talented, and reliable. I’d definitely recommend writersclique to other authors in my circle.

John Caps

I was pleased with the time-frame you predicted for the proof-reading work on my book project -- the cost that you offered was more than reasonable -- and the end result, though there weren't a lot of typos and spellings to be fixed, was totally satisfactory.

Zayne Daniel

Recently completed my novel The Department of Injustice. Writers Clique, formatted and printed my book. The books came in on a timely basis and the graphics for the cover are amazing.

Ziauddin Zia

Highly recommended. I enjoyed working with Ken Hunter and his team to get my book published over the last several weeks. He is a solid professional, responsive and talented. The book design was fast and amazing. Best of luck writersclique and looking forward to continue to work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, to understand how ghostwriting services work, here are some of the FAQs that will help you understand the overall ghostwriting process.

Before creating your book cover, please fill out an interesting and user-friendly questionnaire to help us understand your book, its aesthetic vision, and its goals. Find inspiration in photos, colors, moods, and even the covers of other books you love. With your joint efforts, our designers’ watchful eye, and even the modification of three versions, we believe you will finally get the cover you want.
All cover design packages include a standard image catalog license fee for most books. You can ask designers to consider high-quality images such as famous photos, artwork, and photos from high-quality photographic services. These images often require additional license fees. You can also ask the designer to create custom artwork for your covers. This incurs additional design costs. If your taste, book type, or marketing plan requires a more specific book cover, these options may apply.
The first book cover design concept review may take up to 7 business days and 7-10 business days during peak hours. So if you want to review the concept and provide quick feedback quickly, you can complete the cover design completely in a few days.
Yes, we also deal in eBooks. We also provide ebook cover design service, book formatting, interior layout, and other book designing features of ebooks.
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