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Writers Clique provides the best audiobook services, including unusual and complex projects that may involve multiple voices or sound effects.

  • Music/sound effects
  • Screenplay converted to audiobook
  • Submission to audiobook distribution channels

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We Narrate, Edit, and Create Your Audiobook to the Highest Standards

With our exceptional audiobook services, give your audience the ultimate experience to imagine and feel the emotions of your story. Our professional storytellers know how to narrate the content perfectly.

A-Z Audiobook Services

We offer the best-quality audiobook pre-production, production, management, and marketing services. Our experts make sure that the fame of your book is not only limited to readers and goes above and beyond.

Convenience of Your Audience

People don’t get much time to read a lot these days, and that’s why we provide the best audiobook services to our clients. Having an audiobook version created of your book also benefits the blind or people with weak eyesight to listen to the audiobook and become your reader. We are experts at making this convenient for you!

Excellent Content

Our team of experienced book writers and editors who have been working in the book writing industry for more than a decade never compromises quality and always delivers creative and catchy content.

We Turn Your Book into an Incredible Audiobook in No Time

At Writers Clique, we create audiobooks with authors who want to narrate professional voice actors as well as their own work. We help you in telling your story in the form of an audiobook. We have a team of expert ghostwriters having a different backgrounds, such as arts, media, sciences, technology, marketing, business, engineering and social sciences. This group of varied talents with many exceptional skill sets has the talent to produce a magnificent audiobook for you.

Crafting Amazing Cover Designs for Your Books

We understand that everyone has a different taste and preference, so we provide customized cover design services. After a careful hearing of your instructions, we make sure to fulfill your requirements.

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Our Process
Discovery Calls

We provide consultation about the audiobook and discuss the optimal strategy producing an excellent audiobook for you.

Research and Preparation

Our writing team will review all notes, articles, drafts, outlines, and other relevant materials to prepare the strategy sessions.

Developing the Draft

Our writers narrate one chapter at a time, so you can make suggestions and revisions before proceeding to the next chapter.

Publishing Strategy

Discuss your book with our Editor-in-Chief, and we will come up with useful strategies to create the best audiobook for you.

Review and Revisions

We review readers within your target demographic who will provide detailed feedback on your manuscript and how to improve it.

Finalize the Draft

Your Senior Editor will meet with the team to ensure all parties are satisfied with the draft and make final adjustments.

Customer reviews

Read testimonials from our happy customers

Herman Miller
Jack S.

WritersClique provided me with one of the smoothest process in publishing my book. They understand your needs and cater them carefully.

John J.

I would definitely recommend Writers Clique because of their inch-perfect proofreading process. They converted my book into a marvelously formatted masterpiece.

Peter F.
Writer, Journalist

My book got published on Amazon within a week and is generating amazing sales over a month. WritersClique is one of the best platforms for Self-Publishing your book!

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